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Mar. 26th, 2013 06:00 pm
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Baby Tapir standing in long grass

So, I suppose some kind of intro post is in order!  Well, I'm female, 25 and English. Currently studying Animal Management in college, and hoping to go onto the second year of the course afterwards.

I enjoy cooking and baking, although I can only do fairly basic recipes. I do get a little adventurous sometimes, which can and does lead to disaster. I can make a pretty good soup, however!

I like walking. Sometimes with family, and sometimes on my own. 

I like some anime/manga series, although I'm fairly picky about what I watch now. If I don't like a series, I won't watch past the first episode/read past the first volume of the manga.

Don't watch much TV, but I like a few series. Game of Thrones, Sherlock and pretty much any nature programmes that crop up now and then.

I've got two guinea pigs, one Ridgeback x Himi with red eyes called Radish, and a shy, nervous brindle American* named Chutney. (* = Could be Satin somewhere in him, as his coat is softer and shinier than Radish's) There will be a few photos of them popping up every now and then!

Most of what I'll post here will be kept public. Only locked posts will be ones containing really personal RL stuff, but there won't be that many of those. Most of my posts will be concerning day to day happenings, a bit of story writing, and possibly a few recipes as well.

Anyone is welcome to add/subscribe to this journal. Just drop a message in this post if you do, as I may not realise otherwise. 

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