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Mar. 26th, 2013 06:00 pm
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Baby Tapir standing in long grass

So, I suppose some kind of intro post is in order!  Well, I'm female, 25 and English. Currently studying Animal Management in college, and hoping to go onto the second year of the course afterwards.

I enjoy cooking and baking, although I can only do fairly basic recipes. I do get a little adventurous sometimes, which can and does lead to disaster. I can make a pretty good soup, however!

I like walking. Sometimes with family, and sometimes on my own. 

I like some anime/manga series, although I'm fairly picky about what I watch now. If I don't like a series, I won't watch past the first episode/read past the first volume of the manga.

Don't watch much TV, but I like a few series. Game of Thrones, Sherlock and pretty much any nature programmes that crop up now and then.

I've got two guinea pigs, one Ridgeback x Himi with red eyes called Radish, and a shy, nervous brindle American* named Chutney. (* = Could be Satin somewhere in him, as his coat is softer and shinier than Radish's) There will be a few photos of them popping up every now and then!

Most of what I'll post here will be kept public. Only locked posts will be ones containing really personal RL stuff, but there won't be that many of those. Most of my posts will be concerning day to day happenings, a bit of story writing, and possibly a few recipes as well.

Anyone is welcome to add/subscribe to this journal. Just drop a message in this post if you do, as I may not realise otherwise. 

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So, where I live, there's a lot of people with cats. That's fine and all, but Dad and I do have to keep chasing them out of the garden. I don't mind cats as a whole, but the trouble is, they disturb the birds who may be nesting in the garden.

Also, very few of the cats around here wear collars, which is a bit of a pain.

But still...there's something about me that makes cats come up to me. Like today. Black and white one lying on the path outside the back door, and a white one further down, staring at the pond. The black and white one ran off as soon as I opened the door. The white one sauntered up the path, and started to go in the same direction as the other one, then stopped, looked at me, and came straight up to where I was sitting.

I've seen this cat around before. It's the shyer one of a pair of white cats. The other one has odd eyes (one blue, one orange) and something wrong with it's back. The fur there seems to be thinner, and the skin can be seen, though there's no sign of infection or anything. I've stroked it a few times, though I usually avoid touching the back.

But anyway...this cat rubs round me, then moves as if to go past me into the house. Nope, not going in there!
I stand up, and it starts following me down the path, rubbing round my legs and rolling round on the ground a few times.

Even managed to have a little playtime with it, though luckily it didn't follow me when I stood back up to go back to the house, as then I would have had to start making a big fuss in order to chase it off.
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I'll be frank. I'm not much of a fan girl, normally. I've got a few OTPs, but nobody to talk to about them (not in RL, anyway!), so I'm pretty much forced to keep quiet about them.

Now, however, I'm really wish I did have somebody to squee with. Seriously. Over what? Akatsuki no Yona. It's a manga by Mizuho Kusanagi. And it is freaking brilliant. I just...gah. I love everything about this manga. The plot, the setting, the characters...especially the characters! I could just read the chapters that have been translated over and over again, simply because of the characters.

First, we've got Yona. When the story starts, she's a slightly spoilt princess who has never been outside the castle, hates her red hair, and has a crush on her cousin. However, things happen that end up causing a rift between her and said cousin, and she has to leave the castle in something of a hurry, along with her bodyguard/childhood friend Hak. (Or it could possibly be Haku. Not sure. It's been translated as Hak, so until there's an official English language version, I'm just going to keep calling him Hak.)

At first, she's completely distraught, and at a complete loss with what to do. As I said above, she's never been out of the castle before, so she really has no idea what the rest of the world is like. But as the manga continues, she slowly starts getting stronger. She doesn't sit around crying all the time (although, when she does cry, it's usually for a good reason.) She genuinely wants to get stronger in order to protect her friends who are travelling with her.

Then there's Hak. He's been playing with Yona and her cousin since they were young kids, and has possibly been in love with Yona since then as well. He's sarcastic, rude and just a little insensitive, but what I really like is that he doesn't bother to hide the fact he's in love with Yona. Especially after they're forced to leave. Oh, he's not especially happy about the fact that Yona wants to be able to protect him and the others (since he wants to be the only one to protect her) but he tolerates it. He does have a slightly sadistic side to him, in that he seems to be enjoying watching Yona struggle on as a "normal person". He's also got, or so I think, some of the funniest lines out of all the characters.

Don't want to make this post too long (and I can't add a cut, since I'm on an IPad), but the other characters who slowly join them are just as colourful and interesting as they are. And impossibly cute, at times as well!
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So, what's new? Finished college on Monday, and am now planning to get all paperwork out of the way in order to go back in September.

Have the presentation ceremony tomorrow. Probably be boring, but oh well!

Not much else...there's some other stuff, but that's too personal to note here.
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And it's back to college tomorrow! I seriously think that just over three weeks is a little too long. Especially if you don't have anyone to hang out with, like me. I'm okay with not seeing people...I just get so damn bored. Managed to keep myself busy doing various things, but still... ah well, not that I'm complaining!

Will be nice to see my college friends again though.
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 Rewatching Outlaw Star online. Forgot how much I loved the series. Seriously, it's just so fantastic. Okay, so there's a few inconsistencies in the animation and storyline, but overall it is an absolutely brilliant series.
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* 1 onion
* 1 garlic clove
* 400g carrots
* 400g sweet potato
* 1 tsp grated fresh ginger
* 1 ltr vegetable stock

> This makes four servings, but you can play about with amounts if you want more/less. I find that 1/4 ltr of veg.stock works well if you're only cooking for one.


-- Saute an onion for 6 minutes
-- Add the clove of garlic, and cook for a further 2 minutes
-- Add the carrots and sweet potato (roughly chopped) and the grated ginger. Fry for 2 minutes, and then add the vegetable stock.
-- Put the lid on the pan, and bring to the boil. Then turn the heat down, and simmer for 15 minutes, or until the vegetables are softened
-- Once the vegetables have softened, turn off the heat and pour the soup into a blender.
-- Blend to the desired texture

Once blended, you can either eat the soup straight away, reheat it a little, or save it for whenever you feel like it!


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